ROLL CALL, LLC is a family owned and operated business established in 2007 to serve the needs of Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Security, and Sportsmen. We specialize in Tactical Equipment, Accessories, Apparel, Boots, Ammunition (by the box or case), Firearms, including Class III, and much more.

ROLL CALL also buys all of your unwanted Firearms, Old Dust Collectors, Estates from 1 to 1,000 Guns, and Expired Police Evidence Room Collections. We offer the highest prices for any and all legal functioning firearms “CASH ON THE SPOT.”

If you’re in the area be sure to stop in and meet the Roll Call Team or you can always visit our Online Store and shop from the comfort of your home 24/7.

We are located at 701 Hudson Avenue in Scranton, PA which is conveniently located in Northeast Pennsylvania just off of Route 6 and Interstate 81.




Being a lifelong entrepreneur and avid shooter, Tom founded Roll Call in 2007. Throughout his career, he has managed several independent enterprises. Tom is a lifetime NRA member and holds Federal Firearms (FFL) and National Firearms Act (NFA) licenses.


After a 17-year law enforcement career, Joe retired from the Scranton Police Department in May of 2017 to join the family business. Throughout his law enforcement career, Joe served with the special operations group (SWAT) for 7 years, as a Marksman/Sniper for 3 years, and is retired from the training division. In his years in the training division, his duties included training cadets on active shooter scenarios, firearms, and specialized in risk assessment for large scale events at schools, concerts, private businesses, etc. At Roll Call, he specializes in teaching broad audience skills in home defense and gun proficiency.
Joe’s certifications include:
Certified Firearms instructor through the Secret Service & PA State Police
Counter Sniper – Intermediate & Advanced through the NTOA
Field Training Officer
DUI Instructor
Advanced SWAT certified through the Las Vegas Metro Police Department
Vulnerability and Risk Assessment certified through FEMA & master certified through Texas A&M

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