Introducing our Test Fire Program

Want to be certain of the firearm you’re interested in purchasing? For $20, test any marked firearm of your choosing. If you decide to purchase the test weapon, your $20 fee will be refunded as a credit to your purchase! Fee includes 10 rounds of ammunition as well as your range time and eye and […]

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Introduction to Firearms Class

Join us on Sunday, November 5th or November 12th from 2-6PM for an introduction to Firearms Ownership training class. The class will include an introduction to the topics of safety, nomenclature, grip, stance, and range safety and etiquette. This course also includes a range practice session. The cost is $99 per person with a limit […]

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Introduction to Marksmanship Class

We will be holding our final Introduction to Marksmanship Class of 2017 on Sunday, December 10th from 2 pm to 6 pm with a limit of 12 students per class. This class begins with a review of safety guidelines and range rules and covers the topics of advanced handling, carry options, advanced grip and stances, […]

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Marksmanship Fundamentals (Become a Great Shot)

Of all my years of shooting and in all my instructor courses I learned The Fundamentals of Marksmanship. These fundamentals did not come from a dream I had nor are they my opinion, they are “The Fundamentals”. If you are reading this post you are like me. You always want to excel and become better. […]

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Become an Entrepreneur

I know most of you reading this post are law enforcement, sportsmen/women or gun enthusiasts.   You may be winding down your wonderful career or maybe just tired of it and ready to cut out early or perhaps you have some extra time and would like to start a side business. What ever your reason for […]

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The Best Concealed Carry Gun

As a firearms instructor and a firearms dealer I am often asked what the best gun to carry is. My response is quite simple. Carry the biggest highest capacity gun you’re willing to carry every day of your life. Let me explain. Forget about the caliber for a bit. The only thing I suggest to […]

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